Information on the use of Cookies

What is a Cookie?
Almost every internet site uses Cookies. A Cookie is text information which places the visited site via the browser of your computer. It is downloaded with the first visit of a website. When you revisit the site with the same device, the browser checks whether a corresponding Cookie is already present.  It then sends the data saved in the Cookie back to the internet site. In doing so, internet sites can find out whether the browser has already visited such sites and “store” the settings. In some cases, varying contents (e.g. different image language for women and men) can be displayed correspondingly. Cookies exclusively contain information and cannot execute any damaging applications.

Advantages of Cookies
Some Cookies are very useful in that they provide for more user friendliness with recurring internet site visitors. Cookies may save your settings, transmit to us information on your use of our internet site and display contents that stronger correspond to your interests and requirements. None of the Cookies used on our website collects data which can personally identify you.

Control and Delete Cookies
You may change the use of Cookies by means of a browser, including the blocking and deletion of Cookies of Takko Holding GmbH (or of any other internet site) in the browser settings.  With the majority of browsers, you are able to control the Cookies by accepting or rejecting all Cookies, only accepting individual types of Cookies or determining that you will be warned if a website wants to save a Cookie. The process for controlling or deleting Cookies depends on the used Browser. You can find information regarding this topic under Help of your browser.